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·Automatic door,bactericidal efficiency significantly
The latest development of automatic door technology,instead of the manual door,greatly improving the efficiency of disinfection,with automatic feeding device,so that the  traditional sterilization work upgrades forassembly line work,is a large—scale food production enterprises the best choice.
·Tank temperature is very stable.uniform heat distribution
In order to ensure a more uniform transfer and distribution of heat.in the sterilization pot is arranged in seven rows of fan—shaped nozzle,nozzle in the water sector was evenly sprayed,water spray system so that each tray in the material can be uniformly heated.
·Fast temperature rise
Because the only a small amount of circulating water,and the use of high efficiency heat exchanger.So,are sterilized food heating speed,can maximize the retentionFood flavor and color,can effectively reduce enemy consumption.
·Sound pressure control,suitable for gas packaging sterilization
Precise pressure control,±0.005Mpa.The sterilization process for tank temperature and pressure for continuous monitoring,automatic control system for tank pressure correction,In order to make its and.packaged inside the pressure suit.For any percentage of filled with air or gas packaging,or under vacuum sealed packaging cangermicidal treatment,without the packaging or its contents were destroyed or deformation.
·Optional measuring F value function
Sterilization pot may be configured for measuring F value function.All data including sterilization,sterilization conditions
F value,time temperature curve,time pressure curve can be passeddata processing software to save or print,in order to facilitate the production management.

Spray type(between the ascending cold)pressure sterilizer scope of application
Multifunctional sterilizer can be used for all kinds of heat—resistant
packing material:
·Metal container:tinplate cans.aluminum can.
·Glass products.

Using the world  first-class brand in Japan OKM pneumatic butterfly valve, control precision, reliability, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance.
  The best use of the international Germany proudly pneumatic angle seat valve, large flow, long service life, high efficiency.
  Selection of industry well-known brands filter, effectively solve the quality  problems caused by the outer packing of dirt.

The brand-name industry pump, stable operation, low noise.
  The industry brand heat exchanger, efficiency operation, there is nothing coparable to this performance.
  Selection of Siemens electrical control system, safety, stability, convenient, durable.

Spray and heat transfer optional meet different cutstomer requirements.
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