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Working flow of electric heating interlayer

         The working principle of the electric heating interlayer pot is a pot body middle clip electric heating rod at the bottom of the sleeve on the folder inside the heat conducting oil heating, the material in the pot in a short period of rapid warming. Electric heating interlayer heating temperature of a predetermined temperature than the steam heating more save time. It is Hot pot seasoning, excellent equipment Rice porridge cooking large canteen. Electric heating interlayer pot in the operation process because of the pressure, it is necessary to heat the time is short and no steam boiler companies most suitable for the use of electric heating type. At the same time, the electric heating layer does not need high pressure to heat, so it will not be because of the thickness of the steel plate and increase the cost of the buyer. But the power consumption of electric heating interlayer pot is relatively large, relatively speaking is not very energy saving. Electric heating applied to industrial enterprises with no steam boiler.

         With electrical heating oil as medium, with heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, heating time is short and the temperature is easy to control, can be combined with stirring device mixing forms using scraping the bottom, scraping, sticking to the pot, no dead angle of mixing, stirring evenly, in line with the hygiene requirements and safety accessories complete, beautiful appearance, the installation and operation simple, safe and reliable.
Working flow of electric heating interlayer
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