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To fight the "stomach war" - on behalf of members focus on food safety

    In some sites launched the two sessions hot spots in the investigation, to rectify the food safety in the forefront. In recent years, the food industry safety alert frequency, poison milk, cooking oil, lean meat, pork...... People call "vulnerable!"

    National two sessions held soon, how to fight for the people to fight the battle of the stomach, in the National People's Congress and CPPCC members in the middle of heated debate.

The grim situation must strike out
    Food safety incidents are repeated, the reason why? On behalf of members generally reflect the law and regulations need to be further refined, perfect and illegal cost is too low, is the main cause of food safety accident prone.

    "Food safety laws and regulations system construction needs to be strengthened, the existing laws and regulations in the operational level still need to improve." A member of the CPPCC National Committee, the State Administration of quality supervision, inspection and Quarantine Bureau deputy Ge Zhirong think so.

    Increase the illegal cost, improve the legal deterrent, in the middle of the representatives of the members have a high voice. "In the current grim situation of food safety, must strike out!" CPPCC National Committee members, Shanghai Jiaotong University vice president Cai Wei recommendations shall be set up illegal ban industry terms, by punishing severely striking food crime and illegal enterprises, really establish legal dignity. "Illegal enterprises will be punished to dissipate one's fortune may not be allowed, once the illegal two times to enter this industry." Cai Wei said.

Food safety should be from the "head" tube
    Food is what matters to the people, the food safety is first ", but do not solve the security problems of food sources of raw materials, food safety issues can not be fundamentally resolved." National People's Congress, chairman and general manager of Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co Zong Qinghou deep feeling.

    Some representative members pointed out that, as a result of food production and management chain length, involving a wide range of factors affecting and restricting food safety, many factors, so it is not easy to manage. "Food safety law" established the "from farm to table the whole process seamless supervision of food safety regulatory philosophy, but in nearly three years of implementation, supervision in the source of food raw materials production and supply in our country is still the weak link.

    "Proposed state to further strengthen the food source of the security control and protection system construction." Zong Qinghou think, on the one hand to strictly control the pollution of the environment problem and avoid the transfer of pollution to food raw materials caused by food safety problems; on the other hand to control all food raw materials, food additives and feed additives in the production process of capacity building and regulatory control. "Food source is good, the effect of food safety management will be more effective."

    From the source of governance, but also the government and various functional departments to cooperate. And the long segment management is another problem where the criticism is. China's food supervision involves food and medicine, agriculture, health, quality inspection, industry and Commerce and other departments, in practice, the long law enforcement, cross - repeat the phenomenon of serious. Deputies to the National People's Congress, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, the Chinese medical Zhong Nanshan, President and members of the National Committee of the CPPCC, Hubei Province health department director telephoto red and said, "Doron flood, the problem must be solved, regulators, subtraction, do full and comprehensive supervision, to ensure that the regulatory link seamlessly.

Enterprises can not lack the "moral blood"

    A member of the CPPCC National Committee, Sun Yat sen University Institute of food and Health Engineering Director Liu Xin said: "foreign chamber of Commerce organizations to supervision of corporate self-regulation, than direct government management more effective. We can draw lessons from the experience of foreign industry self regulatory organizations, and strengthen the construction of enterprise self-discipline and integrity."

    From Chongqing of the National People's Congress, entrepreneur Wang Xiaolin referred to the two "must": government regulation and corporate self-regulation must be to combine, the food producers and business operators must to aware of the integrity of the importance of. She suggested that in the food industry to cultivate the integrity of culture, education entrepreneurs can not lose their social responsibility for the pursuit of profit.

    "Consumers need to be more secure, more nutritious, more healthy food, enterprises should strengthen self-discipline, because of the neglect of food safety of enterprises will be eliminated sooner or later." Zong Qinghou said.
To fight the "stomach war" - on behalf of members focus on food safety
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