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Working principle of high temperature and high pressure sterilization pot

Working principle of sterilization pot
    Horizontal sterilizer is the use of compressed air pressure of the cylinder body of the sterilization equipment, the lid locking type is adopt self-locking wedge block meshing method, opening and closing easy starting, to adapt to the processing in cans, beverage of tinplate cans and glass canned food sterilization.

Sterilization pot structure
Pot, including a pot body, a pot cover, safety interlocking device, swivel, a track, a sealing ring, a roller, a lock wedge blocks, steam, nozzle, a cooling water pipe and valve and so on.

Sterilization pot operation instructions
    General canned food factory to the canned food heating sterilization treatment by the use of this form of horizontal sterilization pot, the device by the introduction of compressed air can be achieved by anti pressure sterilization. Such as the cooling water in the pot, the pot must use the water pump into the top of the tube (or the water circulation system). When sterilization, due to heating canned temperature, inner pressure will exceed the tank pressure (in pot). Therefore, in order to avoid sterilization of air pressure in a glass bottle and the jumping cover, the tins two end faces of the protruding must apply counter pressure, especially the need for high temperature sterilization of canned meat more so. Use of anti pressure sterilization is used compressed air into the pot through the increased pressure, prevent canned convex tank and the jumping cover, its operating conditions are as follows: the compressed air is a poor conductor of heat, condition of the steam itself has a certain pressure. Therefore, when sterilization heating process, don't put it in the compressed air, and only after sterilization temperature is reached in the insulation, just open compressed air into the pot, pan increase 0.5 ~ 0.8 ATM. Special after sterilization, cooling, stop the supply of steam, the cooling water pressure into the water pipe. Because of the temperature drop, steam condensation, and the internal force is reduced by the pot of compressed air pressure compensation. In the sterilization process, should pay attention to the initial exhaust, and then steam, so that the steam flow. May every 15-20 minutes discharge time, promote heat exchange. In a word must meet the provisions of the sterilization conditions, according to a certain program, the level of sterilization temperature, the size of pressure disinfection, sterilization time length and operation method of both by products such as canned food sterilization process to make specific provisions.
Working principle of high temperature and high pressure sterilization pot
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