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The use, maintenance and maintenance of the sterilization pot

1, the user should be based on the production process of the unit and the technical performance of the sterilization pot to formulate the safe operation of the boiler, and strictly enforced. The safety operation regulations of the sterilizing pot should be at least include:

2, the operation process of the sterilization pot and the highest working pressure, the highest working temperature.

3, the operation method and procedure of the sterilization pot and attention items.

4, production and operation of the project and site should be focused on, and the operation of the abnormal phenomenon and prevent measures.

5, the maintenance method when the equipment is deactivated.

6, the use of the operator should be trained to pass the training examination, should strictly abide by the safety operation regulations and post responsibility system; found abnormal phenomenon should be treated in time.

7, sterilization pot installed with safety valve, pressure gauge, thermometer and other accessories, to keep safe, complete, sensitive and reliable. In the use of the process should be added to the maintenance and periodic calibration. The safety valve of the device is equal to the design pressure, should be sensitive and reliable, should be prevented at random adjustment. The pressure gauge and the accuracy grade of the thermometer are 1.5 levels, and the tolerance is normal. No seal pressure gauges shall not be used, pressure gauge indication failure, scale is not clear, dial rupture and release pressure after the pointer does not return to zero, seal damage shall be replaced immediately. The thermometer should be inspected on a regular basis, before use should be to standard thermometer calibration, after the annual nuclear Zhengyi times, where the mercury column fracture and to the standard temperature difference exceeds 0.5 DEG C should be repaired or replaced.

8, sterilization pot should be checked regularly, every six months for at least a external examination, every year at least a comprehensive inspection, inspection before preparation and inspection of the project, according to the relevant provisions of the "rules" and by, inspection reports archive filing.

9, in the use of the process should be often inclined self-locking wedge block, a roller, a pot ears, swivel flange sliding and rolling contact parts of smearing grease and oil, to ensure that the friction surface in the lubrication state.

10, the equipment should be stopped, and the inner and outer surface sterilization pot lid clean. Exposed machined surface brush to anti rust paint, safety testing control instrument to cover the protection.
The use, maintenance and maintenance of the sterilization pot
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