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Sterilization pot selection tips

Selection principle
1, mainly from the accuracy of temperature control and thermal distribution uniformity of choice, if the product temperature requirements are very strict, especially export products, because of the requirement of heat distribution is very uneven, so should try to choose the computer full automatic sterilization pot. Computer semi - automatic sterilization pot temperature control, pressure control and computer automatic the same, but the price is the computer automatic 1/3. General requirements can be selected for the electric semi automatic sterilization pot. Manual sterilization pot sterilization is difficult, temperature control and pressure control by artificial, food appearance is difficult to grasp, a high can (bag) and broken rate.

2, if the product is a gas packaging or product appearance more stringent requirements, it should choose a computer automatic or semi automatic computer.

3, if the product is a glass bottle or tin plate, because the heating and cooling rate are required to control, so try not to should choose double sterilization pot.

4, if the energy conservation consideration, choose double sterilization pot, its characteristics is tank is a hot water tank, the tank is a tank, the repeated use of the hot water tank, can save a large quantity of steam, suitable for daily production of more than 10 tons of food production enterprises.

5, if the output is small or no boiler, then you can consider the use of electric steam sterilization pot, the principle is that the steam from the pot to heat, on the tank sterilization.

6, if the product viscosity is high, the product needs to be rotated in the sterilization process, the choice of rotary type sterilization pot.
Sterilization pot selection tips
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