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How to operate the sterilization pot properly

    Sterilization pot is mainly used in food industry. Medicine and other fields, it has large heating area, high thermal efficiency, even heating, liquid material boiling time is short, easy to control the heating temperature and other characteristics, so it is widely used. Zhucheng to the full Machinery Co., Ltd. to pay attention to the operation:

1 must be equipped with a mercury thermometer and pay attention to the scale of the thermometer, scale and installation position.

2 to be equipped with automatic temperature recorder, because there are many times when the manufacturers to save costs, will be omitted. So be equipped with.

3, if it is water killed, be sure to install the water cycle system, and in the circulation pipe on the installation of flow meter, indicating the stability of the flow.

4, the sterilization pot with the size of the pipeline, the layout of the pipeline, etc..

5, sterilization pot should be checked regularly, every six months for at least a external examination, every year at least a comprehensive inspection, inspection before preparation and inspection of the project, according to the relevant provisions of the "rules" and by, inspection reports archive filing.
How to operate the sterilization pot properly
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