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Sterilization pot classification

Three kinds of sterilization methods:

1, water bath sterilization: sterilization pot food are soaked in hot water, promote circulation through the pressure and the water pump and the heat distribution is more uniform.

2, steam sterilization: steam as the heating medium, direct heating. The mechanical device to keep the steam and air mixture, so that it can circulate in the sterilizing kettle. Because during the sterilization pot there will appear cold air, so this is not the most uniform heat distribution.

3, spray type sterilization: this way is divided into top pouring type, side spray type, total spray type. This way is to use the nozzle and the spray pipe to spray the hot water to the food surface, the temperature uniform no dead angle. Water is heated and cooled by heat exchanger, the temperature and cooling rate is rapid, and the product can be sterilized with high efficiency and comprehensive.

From the pot body material is divided into four kinds

1, all steel A type: sterilization pot all use stainless steel production.

2, all steel B type: the pot body and the pot body of the pot is made of stainless steel, and the frame body is made of carbon steel.

3, semi steel type: product pot body with stainless steel, jacket frame body with carbon steel production.

4, carbon steel type: all products made of carbon steel.

From the control mode is divided into five kinds:

1, manual control:

All valves and pumps are manually controlled by manual control, including water, heating, heat preservation, cooling and other processes.

2, electrical automatic control type:

Pressure by two electric contact pressure gauge control, a control line pressure, a control pressure; temperature by the sensor (PT100) and a temperature control instrument control (precision is + - 1 DEG C) and the cooling process is by manual operation.

3, computer semi automatic control:

Using PLC and text display the collected pressure sensor signal and temperature signal processing, storage, sterilization process, high control precision, temperature control can be up to + / - 1 DEG C, cooling process by manual operation.

4, computer automatic control:

Sterilization process by PLC and touch screen control, storage, sterilization process, operators only need to press the start button, sterilization after the completion of the automatic alarm, temperature control precision can reach + 0.5 degree Celsius.

5, computer remote control type

Remote control through the computer automatic import and export of material loading and unloading, sterilization, etc., to achieve the digital mechanization, the real workshop unmanned operation, save manpower, greatly improve the production efficiency.

From the structure of the tank is divided into seven kinds:

1, single pot sterilization pot

2, double sterilization pot

3, Double pot parallel type sterilization pot

Three, 4 pot parallel type sterilization pot

5, horizontal sterilization pot

6, electric steam sterilization pot
Sterilization pot classification
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