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China's food packaging machinery development and innovation is the key

    "At present, China's packaging machinery exports are still less than 5% of total output value, but the total output value is roughly equivalent to the total output value. This shows that China's demand for packaging machinery is a big gap, domestic packaging machinery and foreign products, the gap is still large, far from meeting the domestic demand." An industry source said.

    In addition, China's food packaging machinery varieties about 1300 kinds, lack of high-tech, high precision, high quality ancillary products, product performance, stability and reliability, short life, surface rough, the modelling is beautiful. From enterprises, nearly 7000 enterprises in about 2000 is not stable enough. Every year conversion or closure of nearly 15% of the enterprises, and about the same number of new enterprises to enter the industry, the lack of leading enterprises, with annual sales of more than billion yuan of only a dozen, with annual sales of more than 3000 million yuan enterprise about 50. From scientific research product development, it is still basically stuck in the test of imitation stage, its own development ability is not strong, scientific research investment is little, the funds only account for 1% of sales, while the developed countries as high as 8%~10%.

Transfer mode, the level is imminent

    How to further enhance the overall strength of China's food packaging machinery industry, so that it can participate in the competition, to catch up with the international level in the trend of internationalization, Zhucheng Dingli Machinery Co., Ltd. technical staff that there are three way:

    First, foster the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry, to create the industry's well-known brands, is the only way to become bigger and stronger food packaging machinery industry. "Our food and packaging machinery industry should be to foster the development of high-end equipment manufacturing industry as a top priority, strengthen the development of key technologies, breakthroughs in key products in the field of the weak links, to seize the commanding point of the industry development in the future, keep sustainable development and bigger and stronger create the necessary conditions.

    Secondly, improving the quality and efficiency of industrial development is the inherent requirement of changing the mode of economic development. At present, China food and packaging machinery exports is still small, last year and $13.5 billion deficit that quite part is by simple processing and rely on cheap labor efficiency of low-end industries, need to go down the road is still very long. Food and packaging machinery industry to the total size of the seemingly can also last year amounted to 182.5 billion yuan, but the economic growth mode is extensive, the profit level is low, coupled with rising prices, relative shortage of energy and environmental protection requirements higher multiple pressure, the gradual weakening of the original products of comparative advantage, and comparative disadvantage has become increasingly prominent.

    "In the new round of industrial competition, food and packaging machinery industry industry security and development prospects are not optimistic. Therefore, with major structure, transfer mode, intensity level, accelerate the upgrading of product quality and efficiency, pay attention to product innovation development road is imperative under the situation, imminent. ".

    Third, to strengthen the research of industrial generic technology is to enhance the innovation capacity of China's food and packaging machinery industry. At present, China's food and packaging machinery industry common technology research is lagging behind, and lack of effective system and mechanism, the lack of overall planning and policy support. In recent years, to meet the needs of industrial development of generic technology, some industry associations, enterprises and institutions, appeals and take active measures to strengthen the research and development of generic technology, but confined to the institutional mechanisms and commercial interests and other reasons, making the generic technology research is not the formation of scale, and the lack of systematic and continuous, the effect is also very limited.
China's food packaging machinery development and innovation is the key
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