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The development direction of the sterilization pot machinery

    China's food industry is developing rapidly, "fifteen" during the period of development rate of 18%-21%. Food safety issues nationwide concern. "Eleventh Five Year" period pay more attention to improve food safety in the field of science and technology and the level of equipment, development of rapid and accurate identification of food hazard factor of technology and equipment. Further research and development of pathogen resistance and pathogen control prevention technology and storage technology and equipment.

    Sterilization pot machinery industry has been 20 years, relative to the food industry, or a new industry. These 20 years is the world's fastest technology development period, the new technology continues to be applied in the industry. While the domestic industry is weak, technology and scientific research strength is insufficient, its development is lagging behind, in a certain extent, drag the food and sterilization pot industry's hind legs. Although the overall development is rapid, but the food and the sterilization pot industry development faster. In 2005, the food and sterilization pot machinery industry total output value of about 620 billion yuan, and the domestic market demand reached 850 billion yuan, is expected by 2010, total production value of the domestic industry can reach 1300 billion yuan (price), and market demand may reach 200 billion yuan. This market empty asked will lead to foreign equipment fill. The goal of the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" is to reduce the empty asked, for the food industry catch up with the advanced level in the world, the "sterilization pot power" to "sterilization pot power forward, to provide advanced technology and equipment, imported equipment in the domestic market only to the role of gleaning fill a vacancy. This requires that the domestic food and sterilization pot machinery annual development rate of over 25%, the new product output value reached 18%.

    The development of the world's sterilization pot and food machinery is the goal of the requirements of large customers, driven by the requirements of the development of the relevant machinery and large customers are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

A: is the production efficiency as high as possible. This can reduce the cost of the product to meet the delivery time. High-speed sterilization pot machine requirements must have the cohesion with the former procedure, the link does not need to be transported, including control interface, the entire production line according to the production and sterilization pot process arrangement to do reverse startup and shutdown sequence. Such as cold filling production line, from the plastic raw material automatic on-line to beverage filling and sterilization pot palletizing are automatically in a closed shop for.

Two: it can be adapted to the updated product changes. Sterilization pot machinery to have very high flexibility and flexibility, the production line allows the size of a certain size range can be changed by the size of the pot. Because the product's life cycle is much shorter than the life of the device, change the product and the sterilization pot is not to replace the expensive sterilization pot production line.
The development direction of the sterilization pot machinery
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