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Health care products

Disinfection is more healthy                

Plants, animals, microorganisms and their products that are acquired in agricultural activities. Agricultural products has the characteristics of long shelf life, in order to ensure the quality and freshness, most of the agricultural products need high temperature sterilization time is short, and some agricultural products is generally stored into the tank, so put in after, more needs to a strong high temperature sterilizer.

Suitable for high temperature resistant packaging materials         

Applicable to egg products:


DL-PLH Water spray type(between the ascending cold)sterilizer
Indirect heating of indirect cooling,cooling water,process water does not contact,avoid secondary pollution of the food,without the use of water treatment chemicals.High temperature short time sterilization.
Reduce steam consumption,steam and atomizing sterilizing water make thermal mixing in sterilizer....... >>more

DL-PLH WATER SPRAY TYPE(between the ascending cold)STERILIZER
A small amount of process water,rapid cycling,to quickly reach a predetermined sterilization temperature.
Reduce steam consumption,the steam,the sterilizing water in the atomized within retorting direct hot mix,and to improve the speed of heating cooling........   >>more
Health care products
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