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Rice pudding

Nutrition, sterilization, disinfection           

The spleen and stomach, Xiaozhi lose weight, Qi anshen. Can be used for obesity and nervous breakdown of the therapeutic use, but also as a daily regimen of food. Rice pudding, called Laba, Buddha, Zhou five kinds of porridge, porridge, porridge taste five Qibao Qibao etc.. With high temperature and high pressure steam and hot water as a variety of food in high temperature and fast sterilization processing, food in chief built - in a continuous slow rotation so that the heat transfer more quickly and evenly, greatly shorten the time of the sterilization process, so as to achieve high-temperature short-time sterilization treatment, while avoiding the surrounding food overheating phenomenon.

Suitable for high temperature resistant packaging materials     

Applicable to egg products:

Especially suitable for sticky canning food with more solid percent than liquid percent and with different densities,makes product rotate during sterilizing process,and realizes purpose of without delamination and sedimentation during quality guarantee period(for example,products such as eight—treasure porridge,tinplate can,plastic can and.....   >>more
Rice pudding
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